Nils was born and raised in Mora, Dalarna. He’s a country boy that moved to the big city to study the drums. True to the arts and always looking for ways to broaden his cultural horizon. That’s how he came in contact with the lindy hop, wanting to try something new. He took his first class in 2009 at the Swedish Swing Society.

His interest in music shows in his dancing. Playing the drums growing up probably explains why he’s a solid tap and rhythm dancer – strict with time and technique and always looking for perfection.

Mostly he studies and take inspiration from the footage of the vintage dancers. Frankie Manning and George Christopherson are two of the lindy hoppers that inspire him the most.

Since 2016 he has been a member of the dance company Harlem Hot Shots


Frida is a hardcore lover of jazz in every sense. In Stockholm you will find her right up in front of the stage at any jazz event in the city, that is if she is not herself in the DJ booth. She likes late evenings and moves with simplicity to all kinds of jazz music from 20’s New Orleans to the be bop and cool of 40’s Chicago. As a dancer she flies with ease at all tempos. She is always one with the music and has a personal charm best described as a little cheeky. A serious dancer with a permanent glint in her eye.


Ariadna and Simon first met in Madrid in 2016 and have been working together ever since. Their dynamic, elegant and powerful style is a testament to their mix of experiences and their growth together. They love all aspects of swing dance including partnered dances like Lindy Hop and Balboa as well as solo jazz. Passionate about all ways of expressing and transmitting the dance from social dancing, teaching, performing and competing. 

They travel internationally to teach, perform and compete, predominantly based in Europe they have also worked and traveled extensively for swing across Asia and North America. Continuously developing their dance, their passion for the music and the culture of swing has grown with them and guided them through their international travels.