Do you have questions?

How many levels are there?

There are 4 levels of lindy hop available

How do I know at what level do I am?

You can look at the levels tab. You will find a description.

I’m a follower alone, can I sign up?

Of course! You will enter our bourse of followers alone waiting for a leader of your level,  everything will work out well! 🙂

How many places of Early Bird are there?

There are 50 spots for the first 50 that register!

What’s the Group pack?

If you are 10 friends and you want to come together you can join the Group Pack. The price of Early Bird will be reserved for all members, regardless of the moment of signing up.

And the Party Pass?

The Party Pass is the same as the Full Pack but without 6 hours of class and with the possibility to go to 3 tasters instead of 5!

Can we just come to the parties?

No! 🙁 We know that other years it has been possible to do so, but setting up the BeSwing Camp takes a lot of hours and a lot of effort. We want to give absolute priority to people who sign up for the Full experience and the Party Pass.

And at night of Solstice, can we come?

This year 2019 we celebrate the solstice on Saturday 22, since we have public from outside Catalonia that does not have a holidays on Monday 24. The dinner of the 22 is currently closed to people who signed up to the Full Experience and the Party Pass We can not guarantee that there are places for the solstice night. If finally there are tickets available, they will be very limited and at most two weeks before the date.

But the Sant Joan’s eve is the 23 at night! Will we celebrate it?

of course! We will celebrate the 23rd night with everyone who wants and can stay at the festival. But at organizational levels we will treat it as a post party, since the big party with competitions and exhibitions and toasts and everything that we like will be the 22nd.

What meals are included?

The Saturday dinner on the 22nd will be compulsory when you sign up for the full experience or the party pass.

All other meals are optional. Breakfast can be booked as a pack for € 6 and the other meals and dinners can be purchased directly at the bar.

I have food intolerances and / or I am vegetarian. Are there any options for me?

Of couse! Forthe  dinner of the 22 you will be able to choose between a fish fideuá  o veggie rice. If none of the two options is valid for your needs, please contact us directly and we will look for a personalized solution.

Where can I sleep?

There is a shady camping ground! But remember that it is not a formal camping and we offer this service to be able to make the festival available at the maximum number of people. There will be wc’s and showers.

This year, as a novelty, you can rent two-person tents (with self-inflating mattress) that will be set when you arrive in the field.

We also have an agreement with a hotel of close proximity that makes a special price to those who come to the festival.

Where is the festival?

It is held to Ventalló, in a field called La Closa. You can see the map and how to get there.