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Hot Swing Sextet Band

HOT SWING SEXTET offers a journey back in time in the frantic atmosphere of the jazz clubs of the 30s.
From Paris to Harlem, from Django Reinhardt to Duke Ellington, to Louis Armstrong, all through Hot Swing Sextet: a tailor made trip for swing dancers.

They will be with us Friday and Saturday night!

For the first time in Spain after being in:

Porto Swing Festival

Bordeaux Festival

Savoy Cup

Paris Jazz Roots

Who are they and what do they play?
Thibaud Bonté: trompet
Bertrand Tessier: saxo tenor / soprano
Erwann Muller: guitar
Ludovic Langlade: guitar
Franck Richard: contrebasse
Jéricho Ballan: Drums

Formed in 2012 during the Girona Christmas Swing.

Lluís Rodríguez Trio was born with the desire to bring Jazz and Swing in a fresh and warm way to the lindy hop dancers of the city and now it’s already Established as one of the most active and most dance bands in Girona!

The artists are:

Lluís Rodríguez: Guitar and banjo
Albert Martínez: Bassoon
Tomy Muñoz: Saxophone and clarinet

Janča is a lindy hop, aerials and solo jazz teacher, choreographer and DJ from Swing Wings Brno. 
Dance and music is an important part of her life. Beside playing piano, she also danced folklore dances for many years. Janča has a lot of energy and is already looking forward to sharing it with you.